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Contacting American Express Customer Service Center. American Express is a credit card company that offers lines of credit, personal credit cards and business credit cards to customers with above average credit scores and histories/5(89).

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Get a Business Gift Card for star employees or loyal customers. Or a Personal Gift Card for friends and family. Values range from $25 to $3,, so American Express Gift Cards can be a thoughtful gift for any occasion. The benefits of American Express Gift Cards are numerous.
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Get a Business Gift Card for star employees or loyal customers. Or a Personal Gift Card for friends and family. Values range from $25 to $3,, so American Express Gift Cards can be a thoughtful gift for any occasion. The benefits of American Express Gift Cards are numerous.
Get a Business Gift Card for star employees or loyal customers. Or a Personal Gift Card for friends and family. Values range from $25 to $3,, so American Express Gift Cards can be a thoughtful gift for any occasion. The benefits of American Express Gift Cards are numerous.
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I will stick with them and their loyalty to a long term customer who always pays on time, in full. Ellen, I believe was the customer service rep. I spoke to today….. Been trying everything for an hour to tell them my card is missing… number said she could not hear me.. American Express — why to leave home without it. I just want you to know our company lives by the American way, greedy American Express — not so much. Good luck with your project. Since this charge is a complete mystery to both the credit card company and to me the customer , disputing the charge and crediting my account was the right thing to do.

Regret to inform you that,12 days back your representative came to me for the promotion of your card and presentation given to me. But still I am receiving mail from American Express Banking Corporation for uploading the same thing which I have submitted to your representative Mr Sanjeev. Several times I called to Mr. Sanjeev but no positive feedback given to me. I am really disappointed with your service and requesting you to return back all of my submitted documents and the application form because I am no more interested for a association with you.

Weather iI use the online site or the app, AE does not show due dates. This ticks me off! I know that, i pay on time, I just want to know when it is due next.

This is their way of charging interest. Also, no where on these sites is there a phone number, they just take you to a page with frequently asked questions and on option to live chat which of course, is currently unavailable. This is not the type of customer service one would expect from a card that has the highest vender rates in the nation. I am denied on-line access to my American Express account because I am outside the US on business and after 50 minutes on calls at my expense!

I recently discovered you support Planned Parenthood, which is terrible on so many levels, now with it exposed they sell murdered baby parts I am so much more disgusted.

Count on my company and I never using your services again. After seeing that you contribute to an organization that deals in baby body parts Planned Parenthood I am happy that Costco is dropping your card.

I will be glad to shred mine. I put my hotel bill of Will be closing both of my American Express accounts when I return home. This is Horrible and some Bull—.

I recently acquired a Gold Card for my business and after looking at the AMEX website and saw the pay over time option, I bought a camera. When I tried to activate the pay over time option, I was told that was by invite only. I asked to transfer to my personal Gold card zero balance but allowed to pay over time , I was told not possible.

This contradicts his earlier statement of invite only. I am in Europe, and have been for almost three months. Is there no email address to lodge an immediate complaint about a serious matter? It appears that I must instead email my office and have it contact you by U. Z, which totally ignores the facts underlying my complaint. If you cannot answer the phone in the US, then I will take my business elsewhere.

Your Customer service is virtually nonexistent. I think you need to hire some school kids to run your website. So that kindly help me in this Regarding. Contact me in this regarding on my mobile num:.

I am not a member and have never had an American Express credit card. However, in the last few days I have received repeated emails in reference to suspicious activity on my American Express card and asks that I validate that purchase by logging on to a web sight. However, because I suspect that this is a SCAM I have not opened any of the emails but I did thing you would appreciate knowing this fact, if you did not already. I recently was contacted to get the SPG card after not having it for over 7 years.

I was offered 25K bonus points to sign up for the card again. I was hesitant as I have a couple of cards that I routinely used. I signed up and confirmed that I wold get the points and there were no strings attached. If that is not the type of activity they want on a go forward basis, I will take my business back to Citibank or someone else.

Please see the correspondence below. I expected better customer service form Amex than what I have received both via phone and now chat. Again, I ask is there anyone that can help me with this issue rather than dismiss my concern? Thank you for your interest in American Express.

How may I assist you with your new card application today? I just applied for an AMEX on Friday and now have an offer today for 50, bonus miles instead of the 30, from Friday. Is there someone that can help me with this issue? You can call Customer Service once you receive your card. The mailing you received was probably in the process of being mailed to you for several weeks.

The timing was bad. I had a very positive interaction, when I called to dispute a charge on my bill. Then I received a letter from AmericanExpress, with a dispute. I attempted to follow the letter and email, however not able to complete. I sent an email to the hotel, and to expedia.

We have also been informed that AMEX has assisted in this situation in removing funds from other businesses with contractual agreements with this company. The minute they said dispute, AMEX ran and assisted him doing a possible crime.

I would ask that you review your clients history, liens have been placed upon his property. We need an email to have our attorney contact AMEX. I was contacted about a week ago, in regards to my Amex gold business credit card, this was in regards to my x-business card partner.

I was fist notified on September 0f ,I explained to the person that I had cancelled that card over a year ago, and I was not responsible for the amount charged, by my X partner had charged and the last payment was in made in the MAY 02 , and why did you wait until Septmber when I was notified by a collection agency.

And they canceled my three personal credit cards. What happen to all of my credits that I acquired over the years; some of those cards when back to If they checked they would have seen that I paid all my credit cards on time and never was late. American Express would greatly appreciate your feedback. Our records indicate that you recently contacted American Express about your personal card on September 25, You will see these Reward Dollars reflected on your account.

The person was able to verify no credits had been posted but was unable to explain why. That was a week ago. I need someone to help me understand what is going on, and will contemplate other measures to get your attention.

I have many times calls from you. So I want to know are there still T due you? Thankyou from kailok fung. I then believed that American expressed reduced it from 1 cent. Why was I deceived? Do I do that with Costco or American Express? Would I need to open a new American Express Account?

Two of your representatives told me by phone that I would not be able to retrieve information that far back. Fortunately, I tried one more time, and this time the rep told me she would mail out my statements from both years!

I am happy to say the payment I was looking for was there! I have always been pleased with the service from Amex, and wish I knew the name of the rep who helped me, so I could personally thank her!

I have tried for the last month to speak with someone of authority at American Express unsuccessfully. I must say that American Express has the worst customer service of any credit card company that I have ever dealt with. Not only are the reps rude, they are downright disrespectful. If I am not important enough to receive a phone call from someone of authority or an Executive, then I will be closing all 3 of my accounts.

I am not going to continue to frustrate myself because nothing seems to change or get better. Call me crazy…I am not comfortable with speaking about my personal finances and needs with someone in India or Asia. Your reps also do NOT give out any way to contact their Supervisors. Then I ask for an email address and all that I am offered is the main mailing address for American Express. This company used to be a class organization and be for the Elite. It is now just another credit card company.

I have been a Member since I just got a letter from you with s PA street in stead of s pennsylvania does that make a difference? We try to keep bills paid but no place via the computer can we find total amounts paid currently, total bills owed, a running balance and current card benefit amount. Hope you can help. Peace, Jack and Darlene Carpenter. Possibly the worst customer service ever. I have been hung up on when asked to talk to supervisors to handle my concerns.

I have been trying to resolve late fees that were charged to my account when my payment occurred on the same day for months. Please contact me to resolve this issue. When I try to log one It says to call customer service. I have just spent 35 minutes with people in India. It ended when I was told I needed to provide a 3 digit code from the back of card after supplying the 4 digit on the front.

I was told I may need a magnifying glass. I just wasted 40 minutes waiting for help. Transferred three times, to be told I could not be helped because the area that needs to speak to me closed. Such poor service over the last few years. Your representative Lisa helped me purchase a ticket to go visit my family for Christmas.

She was courteous and patient and also persistent, following through for me on special needs I have for the flight. I greatly appreciated her assistance. Thanks to your agent Lisa for extraordinary service when she helped me book a flight for Christmas this year. On November 5, , I checked my account balance and realized that there were 6 transactions made within a 24 hour period without my authorization or knowledge.

My card has never left my purse and I do not make purchases online at all. I am reaching out to you in order to help expedite the fraud report and to get an immediate resolution in this matter. Even after I called to filed a complaint nothing was done. My card was not suspended, I was not offered a new card to be expedited and an official compliant to start the investigation was not started.

As of today, there is still no Case Number for me to reference when I call for status on my account. American Express has been one of the most trusted Financial Institutions for years until now and I must say that I am absolutely horrified at the lack of security, urgency and fraud prevention of your customer service team.

I have contacted your counterparts at length to no avail. We purchased 50 business gift cards in October We asked for a refund of 23 gift cards in November Why i being a customer have to follow-up on one simple application multiple times.

I recently phoned your number to request info on my new card. The one thing I used to like about American Express for the almost 40 years I have been with you is that one usually got a real person to talk with right off the bat. When and why did American Express go to this automated system? Talking with a real person right away, always set American Express ahead of all the other credit cards.

It gave your company some class. Now you are just like all other credit card companies. First, let me say that your phone representatives are very considerate, helpful, and know their job very well. It is the process by which an American Express Card holder has to go thru to talk with such a person. Instead of asking for multiple responses, give the caller the option immediately of talking with a real, live representative.

Hi i got a mail saying there is some mismatch in the name. This is now the worst company ever. You closed our account the day before payment was due, you only have a 14 day window from closing to due date we paid over 11 thousand dollars to you this month and would like our reward points once we pay off the closed account in January. In fact, we want them now. Our account number main holder ends in —We are done—cyber fraud was all over this account and no one cared. You paid an unauthorized charge even after you said we were not responsible for it and no one cared.

Give is our rewards pints and we are gone—and we have an excellent credit record and FICO score, so all of the excuses for closing our account are simply not true. In the last 3 days you have managed to turn this 30 year old customer into an enraged driven consumer who fights against corruption for a living.

That came out of the mouth of one of your third world Indian reps I had to deal with the other day. Matter of fact, I had to deal with four of them and then 3 from the Phillipines. You do not value loyalty from your customers. You do NOT know how to treat your customers but to speak over them with rudeness and insensitivity.

I have documented all my communications with your company reps and will use that documentation with all your veil threats of harassment and intimidation to suspend my accounts to all government entities that govern you. I will also take these recordings and go viral on social media. I want to cancel my application for your Blue Credit Card but cannot contact anyone…. All I get is recordings. Please tear up my credit card application! I have been trying for 4 day to have this issue addressed, 1, Chat with Ross on line,he is not sure what day of the week it is 2.

Another young lady,It will be taken care of by Friday,that was last Friday 3. Spoke to a supervisor, rude beyond words,We have 90 days to resolve this issue call by then. As you can see from my account I did as instructed. However for some reason it still saying pending and not posted. My problem is not one person wants to address the issue ,just tell you something to get you off the line.. American Express Travel We booked flights in August including seat assignments.

Now we are seated in row 40 which is totally unacceptable. I called Air France and they claim you need to make a change. We need to be near the front and not in middle seats. We have used AMEX travel before without this problem or direct airlines for that matter. Never in all our travels have the seats been reassigned without notification. I have lost trust in American Express Travel.

Totally unacceptable service by American Express! They even lie to customers to get them off the phone! Told this am they would be here before the end of business today. Called to ask where they are. Incredible that the man this am that the Corporate office put me in touch with out and out lied. Canceling my credit card after 14 years. Thanks for nothing American express. I called repeatedly but always got someone who insisted they will send out another card 10 days after my intended purpose of buying it for Christmas.

I can almost scream with disappointment. I thought American Express was very reliable. You need to get a tracking system in place or better packaging, incognito perhaps so no one can steal it. I want results because I fear I may lose out twice. Thanks for being so helpful. Maybe that will be returned to me. I had called after having received a letter from AMEX stating that I was making late payments and my interest rate would now be the penalty rate of In my opinion, I feel American Express is one of the biggest losers.

I would not do business with them. I happen to give a courtesy call to them since I was handling transactions on behalf of a family member. Never in a million years would they get my money!!!! They were so uncooperative. I hope they will go out of business. What has happened to your platinum customer service. I have been trying all day six times to talk to someone to help me with a trip to Europe and i have been cut off several time and also have spoken to an inept service staff.

Your service agents have been absolutely awful….. This is so sad since I have been a loyal member since Been a waste of time. Merchant number I called today to request information about a case I submitted on January 14th, unfortunately the lady with name Jennifer Tradup does not have any Customer service skills.

I called later, because the conversation with this Lady was not good and then without problem another Lady named Hope F provided me the information to easily and without any problem Hope you can get better personnel to solve customer inquires. After experiencing some frustration with your travel system being down for several days, I had the extreme pleasure of working with Martha Terrell in your Platinum Travel Service group to make some travel arrangements.

She is the epitome of outstanding customer service! Remarkable in being able to help us get difficult travel arrangements during a very busy time of the year spring break! Thanks you for having such an amazing person in your travel group!

I am contacting you in regards to my credit card ending When I enrolled in the program, I was advised that there wouldnt be an annual fee for the first year. I am asking you, as a courtesy to waive the fee, or I will cancel the card and cease doing business with American Express. On Sunday, 31 January, I reported a lost credit card.

The place that I last used the card reported that no credit card had been turned in. The following day I received a phone call from my waitress at that location who also processed my charge. She informed me that I had left my credit card on the counter when I signed the charge slip in he midst of heavy traffic and rushed transactions.

I shall retrieve the lost credit card this coming Saturday and shall destroy it since a replacement card is on the way. I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused and am deeply appreciative of the prompt action to replace my missing credit card.

I, was given a temporary password when mine did not work. How do I get a permanent password? I wish to decline this charge.

Please le t me Know and send me an application. I used my Amex after checking that I still was enrolled in the pay over time option. When I say my statement the charge was due in full, no option for pay over time.

Then I got put back in the que and another rep picked up, I explained I was already on hold and eventually got disconnected. I called again and after waiting on hold for a supervisor from a different department who I was told could make the adjustment, I was eventually told that nothing could be done and my pay over time option was actually suspended in Even though it is still showing available on my screen American Express has no intent on standing by the information provided when I log into my account.

This is ridiculous, if they had provided proper information that reflected the suspension I never would have made the charge. Now I have to come up with this money. I am off the phone with a customer service agent in order to redeem rewards cash..!

Never was asked before..! When I had started the laptop and was going to get on line, he told me that he had opted out…! I reported on a problem over the phone to try to collect some rewards cash.. Unfortunately, my checking account was compromised recently and I had to establish a new account. I always use AutoPay to pay for my monthly balance.

So, I went onto the American Express site that I use regularly. I was confused how this happened, so I used the chat feature online. Big waste of time.

After 10 minutes, I gave up. So, today I waited on hold for 7 minutes, waited with one agent for 10 minutes, then transferred to another agent. She informed me that AutoPay must be re-enrolled in this situation. The site does not say this and based on the way that all of my other bills are done, this was not the way it worked. I was basically told to pound sand. I decided to forfeit my award dollars and cancel both of my Amex cards.

The agent had no problem cancelling the accounts in less than 5 minutes the most efficient task in my entire conversation. I am SO disappointed in American Express. I thought that they were a reputable company, but their customer service shows otherwise. I will definitely share with everyone I talk to about my experience.

American Express are complete fraudsters. On their website they give you a list of banks and travel agents that will. This is a con and I will do everything in my power to unmask them.

Do not buy them. Do not have anything to do with them. This morning I called American Express to talk to someone about not sending my husband any more cards and NOT activating his card that he just received. As it turned out, I was not able to talk with anyone, everything was automated and they actually activated his card! It is very frustrating to say the least!! He is disabled and does not use credit cards, I do all business for us! I have my own American Express card which is current. Also, it would be nice if you have another option on your phone to be able to speak to a Customer Service Rep!!

Cannot set up my account. I forgot the password I used when I prepared my taxes. I have received the card in the mail and now my card number or something is frozen and blocked. My account has been under a financial status.

When will this be resolved. We have never missed a payment or have been late. I hold a Platinum Card and two other Amex cards, the gold and the Starwood also and have been customer since However in recent years I have found the following: You have made many of the international offices franchise officers, and I can no longer get the local currency by writing a check.

Even they charge a fee to cash an Amex travelers check, so I quit carrying travelers checks. The insurance for purchases made is a very appreciated service and coverage, as well as the international business class 2 for 1 upgrade. However except for these few amenities I am beginning to question the value of paying the high fee each year as it appears the visa card now also has concierge services.

On the 9 March everything fell apart. I suspect I was trapped by a phishing e-mail posing as one from American Express, and claiming that the last five digits on my AmX card were changed. I still cannot log on. I always pay my bills online, but I could not have done so had I not also requested paper billing for computer outages. Routine e-mails from AmX still bear the true last five digits of my account My repeated phone calls to AmX were a mess because I have a severe hearing disability; as a result I do not know what is happening!

If this is not rectified soon, I have no choice but to end my year agreement with AmX. I need help — and quickly! Please help me untangle this mess! Since it is so hard to find an email address for American Express to send a complaint to, I assume this will not be read or responded to. I have a Disney rewards card which I have had for many years. Pay my bill every month in full. Since my youngest is now 26, no grandkids yet, and we went to Disney last year, I decided to get a different card which would give me yearly benefits rather than every 4 or 5 years.

I selected the AMEX preferred card. This of course is an average, some months more, some months less. I requested a credit increase and was denied. If I am having trouble getting wifi internet, I can not acces site to send email. Website asks for a code they say will be sent but never is. No way to reach AmEx until I find someone who will let me use phone for international call. Please be advised that being overseas is not easy to follow up my email.

And that there has been a dispute for unrecognized charges of approx. About 2 weeks ago, I was not able to get online to pay a bill on time due to a change in your password requirement. I called again today I have been an American Express customer for a long time and was not happy that the penalty was not waived. I canceled my phone Number in America before I left America. Amex — I am writing to your about my disappointment in your customer service. The call was picked up by an associate with the name of Scott on at approximately 2: I asked him for his ID and he said it was To sum things up, Scott was very rude and impolite to me when I asked him for redemption of my rewards from my card.

He then said in a rude tone, well it was mail to you back in February with your statement. I told him that I never received it, and requested for him to check to see if it was ever redeemed. So I had to ask him to re-mail it back to me. I said that I understand, but I never received the first one, which is why i had to call to request for the redemption. It was how he said things to me and in the tone he spoke with me. Gad, these people need help. I had a chat with someone a few days ago and he responded immediately and knowledgeably.

He said I would and that the points would be added automatically. I need to know what my balance is as I have misplaced my statement My husband has been very sick lately. I am working very hard to get my finances in order. I wonder why Amex can send a bill to me every month but is incapable of sending a PIN which will enable me to do a cash advance while in Europe. I have been told repeatedly that a PIN can only be obtained by going through the automated system and then the PIN will be mailed.

That absolutely does not work. When calling customer service, everyone is oh so nice and oh so sorry, but they cannot do anything. At least I have another card with a PIN — gee, that took all of 2 minutes to get. Screw you American Express. I put this on Facebook-One of the worst customer service stories happened to my father-in-law, today. This 85 year old man lost his wife of over 60 years, just 3 months ago.

He was rudely told NO and that they would have to cancel the entire account and issue a new card. Once the poorly trained CS rep found out the card was attached to Costco, he became a first class rude, demeaning sarcastic, heartless jerk.

Costco will no longer be issuing AE cards My father-in-law asked what would happen to the numerous points he and his wife had earned. My father-in-law said to just forget about their conversation. To add insult to injury, my father-in-law is struggling with a recent diagnosis. Shame on American Express. Poor customer service, but great for my new card company! He was rude and arrogant, and hung up on me at the end of the call.

Unfortunately I did not catch his name to report. From the beginning, he raised his tone 4 times when asking for my name. He then proceeded to lecturing me about my issue but offered no help. Amex incorrectly did it as a statement credit. I will no longer use Amex and will tx my balance to another card.

I have been attempting to discuss a problem with a charge and have used every email address given by AE only to have all of them come back as failed to deliver. If your going to supply customer service at least have an email source one can use.

I live outside the country where phone service on a good day is bad and Mail typically takes days to arrive in TX. Nothing happens and each time I call again I am told there is no record of any problem.

I am ready to file a lawsuit. This has been ridiculously time-consuming and constitutes constructive fraud, as well as meeting the federal criteria for racketeering by AMX. I need someone from AMX to contact me.

Very good at telling me how they understand but do nothing about problem. I was told to email but could not find an email to send to. I have been with A. American Airlines is not being reasonable about the situation. I have gone into detail several times with A. E and am tired of going over the details.

I got a green card in , then an Optima card, and a third card. Traveled the world for almost 40 years with American Express. Spent a whole year with seven AMEX reps, but never resolved. Member of my church told me this morning about a problem he was having with AMEX over a small disputed amount on his card. I told him about my experience and what I did to resolve it.

I just thought the incident this morning at church meant I should say something. CSR would not discuss the account with me even though I am listed on the account.

I called several times last month with no problem. It stated the payment would be processed in 24 to 36 hours. I look at email every evening on my big screen desktop.

It has a tiny screen. It is usually in the car and there for emergencies. Its intent is to lessen fraudulent charges. It is too difficult for old people and local Travel Agents. What will the future look like — no more small town independent travel agents — no more old people. After years of paying my bill early, I was one day late and they turned off my card and then robo called me at 5 am.

When I called them back the woman talked to me like a dog. I had to give her access to my checking account, she told me bulldung lies about when my payment is due, she was rude and insulting. In , the US treasury bailed out American Express to the tune of 3. If the politicians knew what a lousy company AMX is, would they have done that?

Tried calling to close account which was connected to Costco Put on hold for long period of time, Started to speak one representative and was hung up on..

This is very poor customer service. I have had a Citi Visa card for the last 8 years. I just spent over 1 hour on hold trying to speak with a customer service rep.

For days I have been calling customer service because my online payments from my bank were not credited to my account. Two payments were made, in total more than 15, dollars and no one at Amex knows where the money went. The payments were debited from my bank account and when I call Amex no one has an answer as to why my account was not credited by Amex.

Worse, no one cares. Although I am aware that American Express is no longer servicing with Costco, I would like to pay off the amount I currently owe to that account I had. Please let me know how I can pay the existing balance. Thank you for your assistance. When booking a flight with Delta I was told my 60, promotional miles had not been credited.

I was told it was closed in one month and showed no activity, but I am still ineligible for the promotion sent to me. Why was I mailed the promotion offer if I was not eligible? He told me of all my benefits plus the 60, miles!!

Why am I getting vacation information regarding using the miles I have earned? How is American Express going to fix the hit on my credit score for opening up this account? There are numerous other cards offering airline miles. My credit score is over Why keep this one with awful out-sourced service, fraudulent marketing practices, and reneges on promotional offers? I have tried all day to log on to my amx blue to make a payment I can not I just need to log on to use points and payment to pay this can you please help Why has it got so hard to do?

LTW —Gentlemen, I have now written you three times regarding an issue with my Delta Brand Amex Platinum Card, and received three responses, none of which addressed my one and only issue.

I still need an answer as to whether or not AMEX is going to agree to allow the Companion Certificate awarded to Platinum Card Holders each year to be utilized to book the new Delta Economy seat classification? Please advise about this. The answers you sent me before did not address this issue.

I have been trying to report a lost card. I am in Italy. Cannot reach a working number and there is email address. This is incredibly frustrating. Cannot reach a working number and there is NO email address to contact customer service.

Amex sent me an email that I could get a I was prompted on a Credit card number and I hit the wrong card which I do not use as the blue card is better and I even pay an annual fee for this one and I do not for the other. I wanted customer service to add this to my correct card which they said they could not do. I have been your customer for years and I finally managed to recommend American Express to a friend of mine, who became a customer and forgot to mention my name and email.

How should we proceed?! Dear Amex CS team, Thanks for your services during our association since As i do not require Amex card any further, i hereby request you to not to renew my card for next cycle. Since invoice for current renewal has already been raised by you i had no other option but to pay it but for future please do not auto renew.

Thanks in anticipation of keeping this request as my standing instruction for not renewing my card. Finally had to go on line to get the consumer 24 hr service which then had to connect me with the business side. Certainly not first class service. As the husband of María C. Quadri, who has passed away recently, I would like to thank you for your expressions of sympathy and offer of any assistance. As I am myself also a Member, I will continuos my relationship with American Express as I did for the last 32 years, and appreciate so much your Letter of condolence.

Thank you very much;. My name is Randall Snyder, a member since I scheduled my payment in full at the time for March 6th as the deadline was March 8th. Today March 3rd I got a threatening letter that my account was past due and subject to being closed! I am amazed at the treatment and lack of personal customer service and am disappointed in American Express as you are now in the same category with other credit cards with a marginalized treatment of members.

The least you could do is give me points?! I am getting a very non discript e mail that proports to be from AMX. I told a rep if it is real send it via US mail. It tells us to go to our account or we will be dropped as a card user.

Maybe we should just use a Visa account. Tried to use my gift card. Mary Kay says it was rejected twice. I have left the country in early March of but the company is still charging me for a monthly basic charge as high as that much.

So I have to dispute for this charge and refuse to pay the company. Please stop the charge from that company. I will pay the rest of the expenses except that particular charge. Thank you so much. I thought I was very clear. Well that was a joke. I called back to customer service after receiving our rebate check to the old address and requested via the phone call that ALL correspondence from Amex be sent to our NEW address. I called back at the end of April to request another time for the address to be changed.

Now, mind you how many times I have communicated with Amex on the address change. Well, believe it or not this week I have received a letter for ALL credit card accounts even the ones that are closed to indicate the Amex has changed all the address. I am at my wits end. I had applied for the redemption of my reward point for indigo flight voucher 2 days before, but still I have not yet received my voucher.

So please revert me with the same. This is shameful and does not warrant the patronage of honest Americans. Very disappointed with your sponsorship of the the play in Central Park. Stop funding the NY Public theater. The fact that you would give them fungible monies to use for their play reenacting the assanination of our President is disgusting.

I hold two accounts with American Express and have always been a fan but am calling your competitors today to make a switch. I personally cut up my AMX card today and our company will no loner accept American Express as a form of payment. Do not continue funding the Theater in the Park. You would have withdrawn support if a play involved the assassination of Obama. Seriously considering cancelling my Platinum card member since It is horrible people and companies like you that tear down the fabric of our country.

I hope everyone that owns an AMEX card cancels it. How can you support such an atrocity of a play Shakespeare in the Park where the president of the United States gets assassinated. You are a horrid company and I hope that the good people of this country boycott you and your horrible views!!!

I am shocked to find that the fees I am paying American Express are being used to pay for a play that assassinates our President? I will not use my American Express for any purpose until that play is over. And should you fund another conservative hit job I will not use it then either. Further my office will not be accepting any American Express until this is concluded.

American Express funding of Shakespeare Theater in the Park is appalling! I am boycotting you and any use of your cards or services. I refuse to do business with a company that supports the sick excuse for theater. Do you really believe that funding a play that applauds the assassination of our President is in the public interest? We know better about how non-profit funding works. You are paying for this frightening message.

Your continued sponsorship of the New York theatre in the park is disgusting and a deal breaker for me and my family. You have lost my business for good. American Express is as good as dead. American Express, you sicken me.

How you refuse to pull funding for a play that depicts the killing of a sitting President is beyond sick. I will never, ever use any of your products and neither will any of my family. Time to do the right thing. Stop funding hate and dissention.

No cause the country would be on fire. Time to be counted. Have you no decency? I have been an Amex customer for 30 years and am outraged that Amex continues to fund the Public Theater. I am hoping that someone with some scruples at Amex will pull the funding. If not, I will terminate my account. Please reconsider your position. There are many fine organizations that Amex could support instead of this despicable Theater company.

Shame on you American Express! I never thought that I would encounter an dishonorable company. The first time you did not send another bill they removed from me a fine. But i was able to get throug hand you all settled and apologized to me. Now the same trick is being repeated ,you do not send in May a bill ,but So,with the swindlers, I do not want to have anything in common. I,ll pay everything and demand to close my card or I will sue you in Court!

They truly have the worst customer service of any organization I have encountered. No one in their call center can give you accurate information.

The supervisors are as ill informed as the reps. The only person who I have spoken to that has any grasp of the facts was in the U. It took me 4 people and san hour to insist on speaking to a U. When the merchant tries to retrieve the funds from Amex, they are told that I was never billed for the charge and to bill me again.

I have been through 8 Amex supervisors since March trying to get the matter resolved. Assuming the merchant will sue me at some point for payment. No clue what to do next as Amex will not resolve the matter. Have not been able to contact American Express. Just found out there is an additional charge. Keep receiving notices I own money. They just keep charging.

To whom it may concern: Recently you sent me a nasty gram telling me due to the fact that my credit score had dropped due to some personal issues that my credit line would be closed at the current balance and no longer would I be able to charge to my credit limit that you established when offering me the card.

My credit after you offer me a card should not determine whether or not you will continue to extend me credit. I am a business owner and do not appreciate what you have done and my future with your company as well as anyone I can relay my story to WILL be heard. For years now we have been receiving a bill for someone who probably never lived here.

After years of this I courteously rang and told them and stopped getting letters. There is no Paul collins here. I told Amex that.

AMEX you are pathetic. Yoyr services r very poir I have been requesting to stop all direct payments from my card But unfortunately nothing has been done since nov I am sick n tired if calling customer services now. My name is Marlen Van Cleave been a member since Im a holder of premier gold card holder who pays my total balance on time never ever missed a payment for 20 years.

Im very disappointed of how rude and unprofessional the 2 representative at the US open American Express Fan they totally discriminated and humiliated us just for those give away small pouch bags. Just because we were Asian Americans she cam just treat us without repect. I hope that this will be sent to the organizer of this event to avoid more unlikely experience for card holders like ourselves thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.

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