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On the contrary, they feel just like second skin and offer a perfect fit for ladies who wear sizes X-Small to X-Large. Some people like yoga towels so much that they use them not as an addition to the yoga mat but as a substitute. The pants have one back pocket on the right side.

Massive selection of Bohemian Harem Pants hand crafted in Northern Thailand. Paisley, Elephant, Mandala, Tribal, Peacock prints available. Got Yoga leggings too.
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Shop the collection of yoga pants tall at Old Navy. Our tall yoga pants will be your favorite this season.

These leggings offer compression and support with enough stretch to make them comfortable for yoga and dance—the best of both worlds! Nice thick fabric with almost compression-like support.

I would have paid twice as much for these. The "unpinchable waistband" designed to smooth over your midsection for a no-muffin-top zone. You could wear these to the gym, yoga, or out and about. I have them in tan and black. They are softer than they look, flattering. And of course ,my favorite is the high waist that holds everything I'm. I like wearing these leggings to do yoga or for everyday wear. You can even dress them up. They're lovely and very comfortable.

I like the higher rise. They are not the typical compression-style legging, and I like that. I wear them for outdoor trail runs and indoor workouts. I would buy them again. They are very comfortable, the label says they feel like your second skin, and they are not lying, they really do. The waist doesn't slide down, like most high waisted leggings I own.

For classic yoga pants that won't slip or get stretched out, people love Beyond Yoga. These pants feature a no-fuss fabric with flatlock seams to prevent chafing. Pants held up through a rigorous workout—never once did I have to pull up the waist during a squat which is awesome!

I wore them to an ashtanga yoga class and they were very comfortable! I did not feel these were see-through. These pants would be perfect for yoga or other low-impact activities, or for wearing underneath a sweater dress.

These super sculpted leggings double as comfortable shapewear, and will keep you cool no matter the intensity of your workout. Fit is amazing and tucks everything in just right. Beauty Clothing Shoes Accessories Shop. The cozy and comfortable knit-like fabric and high-rise fit. We strive to inspire joy and celebration in everyday moments.

She created and launched her first line of handbags in the spring of and has been wynning ever since. Kelly began her professional career in public relations, but her lifelong dream and passion for design stayed at the forefront of her mind.

Mind on the practice, not on the pants! You asked for more styles so we made some for you. We like to draw them up and have them gathered but on other days we like to leave them looser and cover up a little bit. Up to you, depending on what the day feels like. We have a lot of customers these days purchasing these beloved Hot Pants for swim wear.

Why not take the leopard Have a Laugh for a little swim in the ocean! We know that our yoga practice provides this in our lives and we LOVE it! We took time and patience to create for you the perfect pair of yoga pants in a brightly coloured design and animal print.

We adore to keep them on all day and when things like that happen we know we are doing something right! You wont find this style of pants anywhere else on the net or the world! We know that when practicing a strong style of yoga we need to be able to move and flow easily. The diamond crotch feature allows you to do just that and not place pressure on the pants at all. Taking the stress out of your clothing also takes the stress away from you.

Turquise snake works so well with ANY of our new and regular yoga tops. The snake print is divine. You are able to choose for yourself what style of look you are creating with these pants.

Super bright or refined and elegant. Choose for yourself and see what you can make happen. We brought the new style of Batik fabric to life and shared it with you in our beloved and favourite Lovely Laura's Leggings.

Sitting like a second skin against the body, the natural fibres feel wonderful. We love to work with Rayon Lycra. This fabric is a natural fibre and just allows the practitioner to wear it as they choose.

Tight against the body or slightly more loose to allow for comfort and simply perception. Which way do you like to wear our leggings, tight or with some room? We like different things on different days so we have some of each! We know that in the middle of yoga class you dont need to be thinking of your clothing. With the Lovely Laura's Leggings you simply dont need to think about it. Move, jump, breathe, take it all in, our leggings are there to support and uplift! Reminding us that new beginnings are just around the corner and that we can make these new beginnings happen.

Take the time to listen to yourself and see what changes you can bring about. Sitting in lotus has never been so accessible as when you are wearing our leggings. The lotus flower symbolises new beginnings and great faith. We know that our Lovely Laura's Leggings are beautiful to look at but we believe it is imperative that we are able to practice yoga and other exercise movments with confidence and great ability. This means that each and every pair of Lovely Laura's Leggings are original and the shades are perfect before they join our collection.

We love the brightly coloured legging loving that is going around the planet but we are some of the only people that are manufacturing these brightly coloured leggings in a natural fibre. We use Rayon Lycra which is super soft but also very strong. This gives an incredible amount of stretch to these pants but also allows them to be strong. This is just what we need in a yoga practice and in life.

Soft, strong and flexible. All of these are beautiful and no two pairs are the same! This makes our Lovely Laura's Leggings Animale works of art and life!

We have them in every colour and feel sure you are going to love them as much as we do. You are able to move and stretch and shine like the diamond you really are without undue pressure on your clothing. Comfort and beauty coming together as one is Divine. We feel that the machine dryers shorten the life of a garment and with pants as beautiful as these you will surely not want to shorten anything here!

This years Batik is a delight on the body and a delight for the eyes. We adore these pants and they look wonderful. We loved them so much we created a new style of colour for you. Batik is an age old method that we have harnessed to bring you this years summer hit. No two pairs are the same but all are full of love.

Holding you in place but allowing the practitioner to move and flow. The little things that make a pant work. Our favourite Rayon Lycra is a natural fibre and lets the heat move away from the body. We like to practice yoga in natural fibres. We love what we do and we couldnt think of a greater thing than to be able to share it with all of you. A divine practitioner of our beloved craft. Yoga is her life and we know how much she enjoys to practice yoga. She wants to feel good and look good at the same time.

We created these pants with Amanda in mind. Bringing a smile to our faces each and every time one of these beloved garments cross our path. This supports the tummy and flatters the female form. This reminds us that new beginnings are just around the corner. Like the Lotus Flower, we rise towards the light. Enjoying the blessings and benefits of a life lived in the light.

Yoga practice is a way to reside in this light. We were surprised by how much fun these are to wear and now we have them in many colours! This takes time and patience and we then hand dye the fabric to our very own shades of love! We would like our yoga clothing to reflect that beauty. Join in the pursuit of love and life and feel the difference that a hand made, quality garment feels like. We loved our Mermaid Leggings so much we created a style for you in our newest shade of Turquoise Batik and Grey Batik.

These pants are so totally made by hand that we know and adore the fact that no two pairs are the same! We and all of our customers love them very much. We couldnt think of a more beautiful combination than bringing the mermaid scales to life with our beloved newly arrived Batik fabric! The Turquoise and Grey are utterly gorgeous and we adore them! These pants are worked on by hand from the start to the finish of the manufacturing process.

Hand creating our Rayon Lycra fabric. This is a natural fibre as we love to wear natural fibres against our skin. This makes us not only feel good but our bodies to be able to breathe and move the way we like to. The metallic Golden tones on the Grey Batik are sublime, truly. These Mermaid Pants look amazing but you can also practice yoga or most other exercise activities which we love!

We have provided for you a wide band at the top that supports the tummy and makes you feel good. We love the way the wide waist band feels against the skin! This gives us the extra confidence we need when we are practicing yoga or any other exercise pursuits. This fabric we weave by hand. This takes us some time but we are happy with the result. The fabric is soft and very, very strong. It provides excellent stretch and allows you to move freely and easily in any pose.

Just like the Lotus Flower, our yoga practice helps us to rise towards the light, searching and making our way towards the light of truth and easy living. We know that sometimes a touch more coverage is just what we need so we listened to you and provided some excellent and long wearing Hot Pants. We know that machine driers shorten the life of a garment and none of us want that for Divine Goddess clothing.

We are loving the new Aloha Leggings from Divine Goddess. Awaken the feeling of island life in natural fibres as you join us in the pursuit of liberty and freedom. Our traditional Rayon Lycra is super soft to the touch and created with love and light for all of you by hand.

Actually, we hand loom each and every roll of fabric before we hand dye it and then take the time to cut and sew. The navy or the black will suit nearly everyone and we adore the feeling and the grace of these leggings. Leggings for nearly every style of yoga practice and exercise pursuit. We feel sure that many of you will love these babies too! This fabric is sourced from wood pulp and cotton, a mix.

This leaves the fabric feeling divine against the skin, it provides an excellent amount of stretch and strength. We hand dye the colours and we work hard to make our colours original and beautiful. The new Fuschia is something to behold. We love how it makes our tummy feel supported and hides anything we need hidden on that day.

It also looks fantastic to show your belly if you are feeling that way inclined. This is a beautiful and supportive waist band and we love its feel and shape. Metallic gold shimmers alongside the deepest black whilst our trade marked Navy Blue works so well with our metallic silver. Our new shade of Fuschia sits alongside the metallic silver and life is good. These are very harsh on clothing and we believe they shorten the life of a garment and no one wants or likes that. Please machine wash in cold water and then line dry under the suns rays.

This is the best way forward for a long lasting life for your pants. Today is the perfect day to begin laughing, loving and enjoying life.

This print is Divine and reminds us that sunflowers and sunrises are just around the corner. Who doesnt like to remember that it is us that chooses these light filled opportunities.

Wear the Divine Goddess Hatha Hotpants and remember that the light is within you! It is within all of us. We tried and tested the sunflower print until we had the placement and the design just right. This is a darling pair of shorts. This is a mix of wood pulp and cotton which allows the fabric to have a great amount of stretch. This allows it to be soft and strong at the same time and we LOVE that.

Why not wear these to class and then head out into town in them, feeling and looking divine! This is taking us alot of time but we bellieve this is the best way to create fabric that is not only soft and strong with a great allowance of stretch but also to create original colours and shades of love and light. We believe that machine dryers shorten the life of a garment and with pants these beautiful you will surely want them to last and last.

We hand dye each and every piece of fabric that makes its way to you. Batik is a traditional method of dyeing fabric and you can feel the love in every piece you touch! We then print these beauties with our hand drawn Cloud design. This may be abundance of wealth, of compassion or kindness. What do you need to find in abundance today? Which one will you take home?

Possibly two they are so beautiful. We created these for you in Cotton Lycra. This is a wonderful fabric that allows you to move and yet remains strong and keeps its shape! Remind yourself that all of these qualities are within you when you wear the Hari Pants and love and abundance will flow.

Working closely with local artists until we got the print just right. Of the body, mind and spirit. We love to practice yoga and know that Freedom is within us and these Soul Birds remind us of just that. The Diamond Crotch feature eases the pressure so greater movement is possible. We rise from the soul of the earth to flower and shine like the sweet blooms that all of us are. These are beautiful and we adore the fact that we created this design on just one leg. This is flattering and beautiful.

All of the Divine Goddess leggings we produce are hand made and each and every pair are worked on by local artisans. Creating a collection that is not only beautiful but completely practical and durable.

Do not use machine dryers on these pants, this will shorten the life of them and none of us want that. We worked with artists to create original pieces of art to adorn your leggings and these are truly lovely. Building the energy as you go, taking the time and the patience to cultivate just the right light and love for life! We love the Diamond Crotch as this takes the pressure off the fabric and again allows a great range of movement.

Perfect for nearly every style of yoga and exercise pursuits. These have been so popular so that of our beloved customers have requested them in various fabrics. So taking this on board we have created a range of Supplex Have a Laugh Hotpants! This fabric dries so quickly that many of our customers are using them for swimming.

Imagine taking a brisk walk along the beach and then just jumping straight in after! We know that there are days when we like our Have a Laugh Hotpants as wide as we can along the thigh and then there are days when we like to gather them up and create a little something more! No bunching, no fussing, just good looking, wearabe and extremely durable exercise clothing! We dont love using hot water washes on our clothing.

This shortens the life of any garment and that is the last thing we are thinking of for Divine Goddess clothing. We have included our favourite lotsus flower on the bottom. We burnt this into the fabric. New technology for an age old symbol. At Divine Goddess we love to mesh the old and the new. Traditional and modern join forces to bring the best of what we have on offer.

This is an amazing fabric that moves and stretches with you whilst allowing the heat to move freely though the body and keep you cool. Buddhist philosphy believes that these Clouds represent abundance in every form. Create it today in our Hari Pants and watch the world smile with you! We have included the Diamond Crotch feature so the pressure is not on when you are moving fully.

These works perfectly with our Divine Goddess Yoga Tanks. A wonderful partner in your yoga practice. Sometimes its just yourself! Well, them and the Have a Laugh Hotpants share this title and its not an easy title to win at Divine Goddess. We have so many pairs of good looking and functional pairs of shorts here.

Rising towards the light of truth and easeful existence. Join us in our quest for easy living and truth seeking. That is what is possible in the Hatha Hotpants Snake Legs. The natural fibre nature of these shorts make them a pleasure to wear on hot days and the comfort of keeping warm on the cooler ones.

We cannot ask for more actually. That's why we called them the Have a Laugh Hotpants. You will feel so happy and content you will want some in each and every colour!

You can wear them full length on the side for extra coverage or gathered for the funky feel of a happy practitioner!! We love them and so will you! They love to join us in a strong practice or are just as at home on a walk on the beach at sunset.

Black, Red and Purple are luscious, divine and rich in depth. We hand dye each roll of fabric to ensure that all shades are as we like them and beautiful enough.

This means that the Divine Goddess shades are original and your very own. This will give a longer and happier life to your Have a Laugh Hotpants. We have created 4 styles of animal print for you and we hope you love them as much as we do!

These combinations are really so very super cool and fantastic for working hard on the mat! We know that practicing yoga makes us work and we dont want to be thinking about our clothing when we do that!

We simply like to focus on the light within and to watch it grow! We rise towards the light in the same manner that the Lotus Flower rises to the light of truth from the murky depths of the pond. We know that these machines shorten the life of a garment and with styles as beautiful as this we dont want that. These hotpants are a dream to wear and practice in. We love the Rainbow Leopard, a limited edition fabric so please bring them home whilst we have them in stock.

Orange Snake Skin is just the thing for looking slinky in class and beyond. Thats what we like, hotpants with a little more forgiveness. The suns gentle rays are the only things that you need to dry these babies.

Made from our signature Rayon Lycra that we hand weave for each and every pair that join our collection! Like a second skin and just as sweet!

These pants elongate the leg and provide a supportive covering for the most strong of yoga practices. We have included our diamond crotch feature that gives extra support and flexibility for all the yogis that like to work hard on the mat and also enjoy to look good! The Sweet Pea Leggings are comfortable to a T!

We like to be reminded that we are like the Lotus Flower when we are on the yoga mat and beyond! The Lotus Flower rises to the surface from the murky pond and raises itself towards the light.

Our yoga practice helps us to do this also. Working on the mat to create a feeling of love and light in the truth that holds us! We know that machine driers shorten the life of a garment and no one at Divine Goddess wants that! We are here to keep our clothing with us for as long as possible!

We feel so delicious in these pants that we named them after all the Goddesses we could think of. We realise and understand that every woman is a Divine Goddess and we celebrate all women, all shapes and sizes.

But believe it we should! This allows the wearer to decide how high or low they like the waistband. It is possible to pull these higher if you so desire or to keep the waistband giving room to move if this is what you like. This is our new shade of navy blue. We worked long hours getting the colour just right for all of you and we are happy wth this divine shade. Luscious and deep and resonating with all that we are. A little touch to keep the interest but sweet and subtle at the same time.

How we love the lotus flower. The Lotus Flower represents new beginnings and we know that our yoga practice can create and help us to achieve new beginnings wherever we desire and need it. These feel like a second skin and all styles of practice are perfect for these pants. The feeling of practicing yoga is divine when you wear the Dewi Leggings. Our new metallic Quick Dry fabric is delightful and feels like a second skin when wearing.

Dont forget to work it when wearing these leggings! We know that the machines shorten the life of our garments and we dont want that with pants this beautiful. These have proven to be one of our most successful ever pants! This Navy Blue is divine and rich. We hand dye our own fabric so this colour is original and you will not find it anywhere else on the planet.

The colour of the midnight sky. Blue awakens feelings of calm and sincerity. We love the feeling that stars bring to us all. Reminding us that the heavens are with us day and night. This fabric is divine on the skin! Feels like you are floating on air and what is what yoga makes us feel like also!

The navy blue of these leggings combined with the metallic silver of the stars is luscious and elegant. Just one leg is lucky enough to capture the stars as they help you to fly around your mat. You can too to ensure a longer life.

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