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Items sold at thrift stores like Value Village and Savers may be cheaper to buy new in retail stores. I went shopping at Value Village, and buyer beware!

They ask almost full price for the majority of items they sell. We all know it. Retrieved 7 November

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Like everyone else, I no longer shop or donate goods to V. I personally hope V. I instead make the trip to Goodwill and Sally Ann instead. And I know the funds are going to the soup kitchen and various shelters and family services here in town. I also go to Once Upon a Child. They are super to deal with and if you have stuff to unload they will buy it as long as it is in good condition.

Everything in there is much better condition then VV because they are picky and about the same price or less then VV. I was interested and they allowed me to open it. Not only was it a used school book but vintage but it had the back page torn out which essentially renders it valueless. I stick to Goodwill or the Sally Ann. I found this on the local kijiji under free clothes that VV posted — disgraceful I flagged it as mis-categorized and complained about it being there.

He wanted to talk to the mgr oh, but guess what!!! Nice Customer service there VV!!! I think you need to be a bit more adventurous when shopping at thrift stores. My husband and a friend of his have a running contest at vv. New Patagonia jacket , headlamp, stereo system…just a few items they have had replaced…. It is no different than a regular retail corporation.

I helped write an article on Wikipedia but it was stripped by the marketing maffia of Value village. Village village is owned by a millionaire…its a corporation making money on false advertising and and information of Canadians and Americans. Please take your used items to these non profit organizations a much as you can.

Avoid giving your used items to Value village if at all possible. The actually do it all the time. This is a corporation and they have to protect it. Ive read the first 20 or so posts…. AND get this people.. Salvation Army Thrift Store… BUT the store was smelly sewage smell which found out later that this particular store had problems with sewage back up….

Worse yet was the condition of the cloth put out on hangers….. SO…… Been there maybe 3 times in my life and was always disappointed with item or prices…. A couple cheaper but not her style. So we moved on over to the shoe section for my son. Are you kidding me?? We promptly turned around and left the store. What a rip job!! VV used to be such a fun, reasonably priced store.

Shame on you VV!! Anyone else noticing equally egregious price-hiking at other so-called thrift stores? Or is it just alaska? I have been a thrift store shopper for years and love it. I cant afford brand name stuff for my kids so i pick it up cheaper where I can. Its true VV has gone up but so has all the other thrift stores. I tend to go more often to the thrift stores that support the local community salvation army, bible thrift stores, even hospital ones. Goodwill has the same problem here in the US.

We also pay the charities we partner with for donations taken in. Places like Good Will and Salvation Army actually allow volunteers I believe but anyone that works in Savers has to be paid.

Yes, VV is price-gouging to reward its owners and shareholders. Yes, they get huge returns on items donated through the good will of people who intend to help charities. At an unbelievable rate of profit to the American owners. Nice to be able to price-gouge and give oneself a pat on the back while doing so. Would suggest the following amendment to the in-store announcements: Thus, VV has no need to invest in trucks, drivers or transportation!

The merchandise, and then the money, just come rolling in! While I have got many deals at VV particularly in the electronics area I do find their prices trending upwards. I have been to the Salvation Army and goodwill by me as well and I find VV has the better items in their stores. I wonder why that is? If people only knew how much profit or charity these stores get or give then people would be able to make better choices when donating their goods.. I worked there once and I quit. I was working in the book section and someone seemed to have donating someones collection!

Tossed in the garbage. Their prices are laughable now as you can always buy cheaper new somewhere else. Hi used to be a VV customer until I discovered retail sales. Reitmans is especially good for this sort of thing and they also sell petites and plus sizes. You have to be savvy and figure out where to go for what you want.

I was recently in VV to look for a costume. Which brings me to another point. This stopped being possible around when all of that clothing was likely directed to high end second hand shops where it can earn more money. I still have some of the beautiful evening wear pieces I bought from back then, very classic, and black. Cannot be found today in VV. Finally, I remember once returning something I purchased at VV because it had a huge tear in it that somehow I never saw — it was a sweater I think.

They took it back and a week later when I went into the store I found it back on the rack. The lady in front of me in line handed cashire a card and she put it under her cash.

I handed cashier my card and she said I stole the one she put down in her opened cash. However mildly insulting I would think a thief would have grabbed the cash! I told her i had 6 cards in my wallet and they expire in 3 days I wouldnt be able to use the ones I had. The whole store was looking to see what was going on,I almost cried due to my hormones,I was mortified. We can afford the things that are worn and dirty which yes they ship the bulk off to africa.

So the poor can get only have the scrap and have to save up to buy it. Or some little toys no one is playing with anymore to put some play in a childs life whos parents cant afford them. I have to politely disagree with the majority of the posters on this one…at least partly. Yes SOME prices at VV are completely out of sync with what items are worth, this is mostly true for those items that originate at discount stores i.

For those items you might only be paying slightly less and sometimes the same or more than you would at the original store. Generally not worth it. You have to be choosy, but there are still lots of good deals to be had. Not only are your savings from what you would pay over retail higher on the better quality clothing at VV, but with good quality clothing in great condition, most items last longer, so your cost per wear ends up being very low. There are a couple of other reasons why I do most of my thrift shopping at VV over other thrift shops although I do go to other thrift stores as well as yard sales and swap meets.

Also, I have had terrible luck with Good Will, although I know many people who swear by the stores. The two nearest me are not only completely disorganized and have surly staff, they are both utterly filthy. Like really really gross. Also, as far as shopping at discount racks at regular stores, I do that but I find a couple of negatives which puts me in favour of VV as my number one clothing source.

Firstly again is sizing. Also, the styles that are left over and end up on the clearance rack can sometimes although not always, leave something to be desired. However the biggest issue, is that regularly shopping these stores, means that I have to be going regularly. Often I go to VV and pick up a dozen or more items at once. I would have to go many many times to the clearance racks to get the same number of desirable items and I find that just takes too much time.

VV should be shut down, frm my tell all girls!! Only I only 1 Pennie frm each dalllllar u spend goes to there charity?? Rarely false but is this second hand help community doing more? So what u say? Now my 2 yr old has been diagnosed with dwarfism syndrome, I bought clothes for her bday that were too big, stained, missing zippers, buttons, holes in arm Pitts.

Well I worked on retail for 26 yrs, worked for Holt Renfrew, never treated my clientele this way! My clients would sneeze at the smell of the Red Deer Store!! You think I asked my children to be born special needs? You think I choose a single income? You punish a mom who wants hand me downs for her kids that are inspected complete, clean, and at the same time gives to kids and families in need? Those who need, we do give back! How dare you take frm me!! Your company I hope fails.

Mistakes for mother on a size? Vancouver, I never judged, just loved clothes and people. I was and am good at what Ive done and do!! My children are now my life? Your Greed I hope others see. But you still read it!!!! I give to your donation door out of generosity free things that you think you can price?

How dare you put a price on our donations? Get a flat bed Truck, travel our province and get your own chit to sell! Your cheaters of the giving! Close your eyes and be proud of your valueless venue. After several years, I returned recently to Value Village looking for a pair of jeans.

I really noticed a big price increase. I used to pay 5. The store was filled with a lot of junk. There was not much to choose from…slim pickings at high prices. Instead I went to Marks work warehouse, and found new jeans with nice styles and cuts, and the prices were very reasonable, like I bought them, and have been very happy with the style and fit.

I will not be returning to VV ever again. That is their gross revenue — however, they have no cost of goods — zero, zilch, nada. Yes, they are for profit, and I am sure they manage to find ways to reduce their profit they would need to , but they manage to enjoy a pretty exclusive niche in the retail market.

Notice how all the other retailers are experiencing financial difficulties and bankruptcies and V. That is the answer for why the prices have sky-rocketed! How much is actually given to the charities????

We will never know. I take all my goods there now. Value gillage disgusts me, I was in there today shopping for an hour and the cashier would not sell me a pair of pants because the size on the pants was a size bigger then the tag. There clothes were donated who cares, she also inspected all my clothes and made price checks rediculous these are donated items. I also came across a ripped hand bag priced I have enjoyed thrifting with you at many locations over the years, most recently with my son in law in the prairie stores in Canada.

I used to work as a buyer for film and TV and also collect certain vintage items. I do not shop for everyday items with you because you are extremely overpriced, but I am still able to find some treasures that your pricers miss in their Google searches because of their limited knowledge of these items and their focus on recognizable N. I have a friend who likes Lu Lu Lemon. I was in just before Christmas and had a cart full.

On the way to the till I spotted a vintage-y light weight nylon Lu Lu Lemon zip-up misplaced on a rack at the end of the fabric section. It was in decent shape and only 4. The Omega symbol was hidden under the collar and the pricer missed it and other features of this brand. But why was it still on the racks?

I asked the supervisor to review the tag for sizing and production to verify that the tag was correct for the garment and she said it was, but it was underpriced. Nor do I get first right after somebody in the back has looked it over and re-priced it — of course, at a higher price because it has been flagged for that very thing! And things get overlooked- just like this — not-immediately recognizable brand of — Lu Lu sweater.

When this happens it is great for people like me who know branding: But this other policy negates the nature of your business and only works in your favour. I have found some awesome shit over the years and I have come to love my little hobby.

You price above retail in many case; more and more of your community partners are starting to open their own shops rather than sell their donations bulk to you. I have started to thrift elsewhere and have found some wicked deals recently from these vendors on the items we collect. If you ever get some help for your issues let me know and maybe we can try it again, A. I will not be saying anything new to this discussion as I fully agree regarding the outrageous prices coming from donated pieces at VV.

I said first off, did I ask you for a refund? Value village does give back to the community. For every pound they donate a dollar to a charity. So, looking at the facts Value Village did pay at least 3 to for cents for those jeans before pricing them at It really depends on location and part of the city.

Other parts of town is exactly as you describe, mould, months, mice, stench, cockroaches, dust, stuff is around for ages, price tags hilarious and everything is in a worn-out with yellow stains of sweat. Usually area codes with high incomes or trendy areas with thrift stores are good areas to get good finds. You guys are acting like they have time to go through each pair of jeans and and see what they are going for and if they are on sale somewhere.

Lets be realistic here and cut them some slack. In responce to Frankie, you got lucky and more than likely they did not recognize the name brand. And to confirm this they price a pair of American eagle jeans at Well unlike other retailers they did not honor the price….. Who owns Value Village? The mafiosa always know a good thing when they see it, You know, like the funeral home business and garbage. In this day and age, most stores have to keep up with inflation.

Value Village is designed for those who shop frugally. However you can find some current and fashionably up to date items. It is impossable to go into Value Village and find anything in 20 minutes.

Anyone who goes into VV needs to spend on average a good solid hour. On almost every occasion I will donate items to them. Lets be real and understand that prices everywhere will increase……. Every dollar they make is profit, I dont want to hear about cost of doing business going up as a reason to mark up items that cost them nothing to obtain. What they are saying is that we have to pay our employees a little more so lets raise the prices instead of taking a hit…bunch of a-holes posing as a charity.

This is a topic that we as a family debate all the time and as someone in the process of going through the long process of opening a good thrift store, I can tell you that Value Village has several bad practices. I live Calgary Canada where depending on the area, you can find a number of thrift and consignment stores within blocks of each other.

In 2 such areas, Value Village is one of those that are lumped into the mix. I agree that Value Village is overly expensive even compared to other for profit stores. The operations are clearly not what they should be as it is common to find items that are sub standard, even by thrift store standards, but that are still priced ridiculously high. Certainly not to research they but they should be spending the time to ensure that items are in good condition…no rips, tears, stains, chips, cracks or breaks just to name a few.

These things should not even make it to the sales floor. I have already done a break even analysis as it is required for a business plan and I can confidently tell you that there is no reason AT ALL for Value Villages prices to be as high as they are.

Yes, they have to purchase the inventory they sell. Soft items such as clothing, are purchased by the pound while housewares and furniture are kicked in at no cost to them. Yes, the costs associated with running a store that size are high but if it is operated and managed properly, there could still be a decent profit margin without the enormous prices. If fact, more private owners do more for the community than those that claim to be not for profit.

Small privately owned stores have more to loose. Because of this heavy reliance, store owners, not all, go out of their way to help in troubled times. It may not seem like much at first but when it is weighed against what the so called charitable chains are doing, it is quickly identified that the little private store, with no taxable deductions or government assistance, is doing more just on a smaller scale. Hi I was just at value village in owensound on. And i have to disssgree.

While Yes the shoe and dress prices are too much, there r plenty cheap clothes. I got a carters skirt for My daughter for 1. I also got two bluenote shirts for 3. Is say there lots of savings at vv. I also got a tonka truck for 4. What I dont undrstand is the fact that vv has no overhead like say…walmart, or any store for that matter, so with everything being donated, why the high prices? It doesnt even make sense…ive put items down many times due to high price, like eg.

I am so happy I found this. For a freely donated item?!? Value Village and Goodwill both are rip off, not only their pricing policies of used donated items is inflated, but also in many cases they sell things which should be sent to the recycle bin.

Some electronics are not working, many items are expired. It is cheaper to buy things at Walmart than to buy it from the goodwill or Value village. Now, Goodwil has started an auction every Saturday for items considered in good condition, and items in shabby in condition are left to the consumers. What kind of profit margin is that!? I would really like to know how much they bring in per year. I forget now what they say. Maybe charity for the blind? But they are a for profit company!

Yes, I can get alot of that stuff cheaper brand new. The very first time I was in a Value Village store was the one they built in Peterborough Ontario Canada a few years ago. I had heard that they were a cheap store to shop in. I told her that was down right Thievery You cannot price them higher than brand new. She said why not some one will buy them I just shook my head and walked out. I told the manager that he was full of B. Buyer beware, if you frequent Value Village. I recently got a deal on something a giant minion plush that was unused for 10 bucks but I normally come in here to look at ties and belts.

The price they buy it from the charity for is a set amount per cubic foot i. They then decide on the amount to sell it for — and they are clearly attempting to gouge stupid customers. I so agree with you, VV sucks!. I refuse to give any donations to this store. I use to buy all my granddaughters clothes from here but now I would rather go else where.

In the UK they have wonderful car boot sales every week-end. I would rather go and sell all my gently used clothes at something like this. If you are all about the charity bit then you could donate all monies that you make to your favorite charity. Buy at vv or the gap? From a selfish perspective maybe the gap.

From a community perspective? Vv and the likes of them. You will all go back. I know it and you know it. We all know it. Every last one of you will go back to VV and you will buy. Thats how we stay in business. You gripe but you are all talk. Whether its bibles, goodwill, Salvation, or VV … its about the money. All give a small portion to charity. Management makes a killing and staff costs are high.

Notice all the brand new Goodwills for instance? That land is solid wealth which can be disposed of later and pocketed. How do we do it? Because you — the so called little people always shop with us. You complain but I know you will give me money again. You cant help yourself. The rest … cannot resist a possible bargain. All this other BS is just that. Thats why Thrifts are popping up everywhere, renos being done..

Thanks to you people. You like paying as sales are way up. You are the same people that complain about your wages, taxes etc.

YOu do nothing about that either. Because you just show up and take whats given to you. YOu couls make your own life and forge your own path but never do.

I just wanted to weigh in here with my slant on it all. I agree that VV prices are sometimes a bit on the high side. I was very happy with those prices, honestly. But I get a lot of personal satisfaction out of seeing perfectly good things being reused. I also love a bargain, of course. And if you feel that prices are too high, in VV or anywhere, then you do what has been done — let the store know.

High-Value Village priced based on brands. I rather go with Kijiji. I agree that the prices are kind of high overall, but what I find to be the problem most of the time is the inconsistency. I always look at the dresses but with their general pricing is the same for all of them… half the dresses I see are worth that much NEW.

Somebody actually donated that. This makes me so angry! Though it applies to all thrift stores, not just VV. I recently went into the store in Peterborough Ontario Canada Thought I would look around see if there was anything I could buy. You see, I can by it new from joe fresh for the same price, knowing that it seriously abuses workers in India to make me my cheap clothing. So yep, my bet is on buying it from a thrift store, anyone of them.

A corporate shill would smile and say they care about the community while they get someone to do all the dirty work for them. I did skim through the breakdown of what is fishy about their prices, and you know what, I am not going to complain until I see someone who is seriously reaping the benefits while someone else is existing at an extreme disadvantage.

If the prices are raised to go to charity and support the gainful employment of others, then so what. If only people thought like this before they purchased anything. Funny that I came across this article which dates back quite some time years and there are still current replies to it.

Nonetheless I will give my opinion as I feel like the comments have been quite negative and all for the wrong reasons. I honestly feel that most customers are very ignorant when they speak of increased pricing and all. The reason I say this is because it is as if the building VV operates in was donated, people all work as volunteers, and clothing just crawls out of bags jumps on hangers and walks its way out to the sales floor.

Ignorant people see prices go up but do not see expenses go up. We always only see prices rise but in the end who is to blame for all these inflated prices? A business is a business and if a business has higher expenses the only way to balance out is to have higher revenues aka higher prices.

Maybe because I take business management and see things differently it has me understand the root cause of these things. I hear people compare a full out retail store with staff members and all to a garage sale, really? As for the price VV pays these charities it is really none of our business, it really is a business contract negotiated between the two parties.

No one is forcing CDA to bring their stuff to VV, they are only doing it because they are mutually benefitting from the situation. Enough of me ranting on, but I felt as though VV is judged unfairly and they get nailed for all the wrong reasons. I volunteer at my local clothing thrift shop in a small town in Alberta.

We also have a household thrift shop in town. Even after paying rent, utilities, etc. Folks, search out these small GEMS in your communities, they are out there…. They were used and dirty! I could go to Sears or the Bay and get the same boots, brand new on sale for I go to Salvation Army, Bible Mission or yard sales. I can understand why many thrift stores are continually raising their prices. At out of the closet I will never be able to find deals but st Vincent I would depending I prefer locally owned thrift stores or the like.

Also if I wanted to buy more than reasonably priced clothing I would go to buffalo exchange or Crossroads where they buy actually lightly used clothing directly from people some brand but I would only buy staple wardrobe pieces. This entire situation has left me really frustrated, how many other people is this happening to?

I am in a bind and i must say when i first moved to kamloops, i gave so many donations to value village not knowing they sold them, I thought they gave stuff away to the the unfortunate, well i sure learned fast how wrong i was. I bought all new clothes last year and stored them in my shed.

I came home to get my clothes out and when i went to grab them mice popped out and were hitting me in the face, just all over, hundreds of them. I have no money. If anyone happens to be donating any XL clothes of all kinds, Could you please get ahold of me. I have cried for days. I need a winter coat even. I had such nice clothes. I since have collected some of those plastic bins with lids but i hope to collect a bunch more so this never happens again.

I am a very, very super clean person. I actually lost my home to a fire in and had to replace it. I still have nightmares of them popping out jumping all over me.

There used to be a Goodwill in my town. They employed a lot of people who were disabled in some way so it was a shame they closed. I think the people who took it over were more interested in maximizing profit than helping people.

The customers thinned out who did they think were shopping there? They had a HUGE space in an under-leased strip mall. Salvation Army, Bible Mission store. I am replacing all my furniture with flea market, yard sale and thrift store finds. I used to shop there regularly and never once did I come out of there empty handed. Uh, these prices in , especially on clothes and shoes are way higher now. These Thrift Stores are selling our free donated items for more than regular stores on some things. I now wait for Mall sales and get my stuff brand new for equal the price or cheaper.

Yes, I too am feeling the pain of high prices at VV. I checked the website it sounds pretty fishy to me. To heck with VV. The racks of clothing were also so packed tight, you had to wonder where all the clothing came from.

Now, no one is buying anything because the prices are so high, the racks are half empty, and sale days seem to be seldom events. Your a USED clothing re-seller! If you want people to buy more, stock your racks like you used to, and lower the prices. Value village is my favorite place to shop. I go there every week and never go home empty handed. I always find something for each member in my family.

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Value Village: So where am I going with this?

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