How people in Muslim countries prefer women to dress in public

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Can I wear sleeveless blouses with collars? Share away, I am so overwhelmed and thrilled with the way this message has spread like wildfire! From there the Al-Khalifa expanded their territory by occupying Bahrain, which they have ruled ever since. Thank you for this. Especially since when you get to that age, you begin to care less what people think.

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Though WWD's lesser reporters were sometimes assigned to the last row of couture shows—a sign of the newspaper's highly specialized appeal within the American garment trade—the paper realized greater popular appeal by the late s.

After two couturiers forbade press coverage until one month after buyers had seen their clothes, Fairchild published photos and sketches anyway. Under Fairchild, the company's feuds were also legendary. In response, some designers forbade their representatives from speaking to WWD reporters or disinvited WWD reporters from their fashion shows.

On April 12, , Women's Wear Daily announced on their website that they will launch a weekly print format from April 23 on. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alliance for Audited Media. Archived from the original on March 6, Retrieved June 16, But why on earth is Vivienne Westwood not on this list — a crime!

So many incredible women, so little spaces, right!? I tried SO hard to be diverse and showcase a range of fantastic ladies. A sequel is definitely in order! So well said and illustrated! I would love to see another one with women over 30 showing some skin…the aforementioned short skirts, cleavage, etc. Gah, you are so right. The Susan Serandon low cut dress debacle, right?!

I just turned 46 June 4th. I love big funky jewelry, funky shoes and I have spiky platinum blonde hair with blue bangs. Wear what makes you smile when you look in the mirror. Whatever the fuck they want means exactly that. Im 69 and wear skinny jeans and groovey tops. I wear eye makeup and will continue to please myself.

I love this shit!!!! Spoken like a true Jersey Girl….. Perfect attire for heading into the paddock to set up an electric fence.

I might even hike up the dress and ride my horse bareback. I like to wear whatever the fuck I want. Now, if you would please, I need to know the 24 most important pieces of jewelry I should wear. The ones that make you happy and look good on you. You get to make your own decisions about color match your outfit or clash , style classic, trendy, artistic… , and scale small and tasteful, big and bold… and create your own personal statement.

I have to pass on really big ones because I have a short neck. And now I expect somebody to tell me that they wear them that way and make it work! Yes, Yes and Yes! At the great ages that we all are at, there is amazing freedom. That little girl needs to sit down. By the way, I rock my hoop earrings! The ladies here are gorgeous, but using the number 30 in the title and including folks who look 45 and older is strange. Not sure you quite got this. I am 50 and I have One Life and wear whatever I like, however I like with whatever combinations I am comfortable with.

I do not need anyone dictating to me, if they do not like what I am wearing, they are most welcome to close their eyes and …. She sounds like E! Calling woman bitches be it by a woman or a man, puts us into the same category as those who hurt others. How about using your class and elegance as teacher? Im 21 and Ive always worn whatever I fucking wanted, when I fucking wanted and how I fucking wanted. My hair is long and completely grey shock, horror, gasp!! I love this post!

Instead, we should be able to express our personal tastes and individuality. I agree with you that we should support each other and wear whatever we want. I like this article more. I will proudly wear my graphic Tee while wearing a scrunchy AND playing my personal gaming system. I am over I am going to do what I want.

It is called being an adult. Today I wore navy leggins, lt. Comfortable, stylish husband of 54 yrs. Told them — open-mouth stunned. What women under 40 fail to understand is we are past giving a fuck what anyone else thinks.

Be brave … Love you. The last thing any woman my age should do, is take advice from a self righteous 20 something. Yea, and how old is this Kallie chickadee anyway — over or under 30?! Thank you for clearing the air and providing the delicious pix. I once wrote a blog actually repeated it 3 times on Humoring the Goddess about Fashion Faux Pas for women over 50 http: Now with your refreshing article, I am going to write a brand new one, and include a link to here.

Thanks for reminding us of that! We are fierce and independent women and we have earned the right to do, say, wear whatever the heck we want!!

Reblogged this on My Swirled Life. Yeah I wear what ever I want. I like to dress sexy in a stylish way. I dare Kallie to tell Dame Helen Mirren what she can and cannot wear!! Helen is a badass and I want to be like her when I grow up. Reblogged this on raincoaster and commented: Copy all of this! Thank you for the much needed breath of fresh air! All except the karli or whatever her name is bashing. Sending you Love my sisters! No need to write it down. Good for you Iris Apfel, and thanks for standing for all of US.

There are certain things that I will never wear. Also what suits you depends on your personality and personal style. Stand up and stand together, ladies! Wear what makes you feel like amazing women you are!!! Reblogged this on Pin Up! The Blog and commented: Thanks for expressing so eleoquently what so many of us feel, had to share this brilliance on my page Facebook. I always listened to this sort of crap when I was younger, now that I am in my sixties I have long hair, wear jeans, shorts and anything else I feel like wearing.

Nobody should be telling anyone else what to wear, and when will women stop giving each other a hard time. High heels and aching legs? When I eventually HAD it….. Reblogged this on Shinyhappysherry. I tried on another one this time trousers and jacket and was way better, she even agreed later but here is not the issue… She asked me to try a two pieces blue with flowers skirt and top , I swear it was like a curtain, horrible!

Plus 32 is still fucking young! And the worst part was that she gave me the hideous curtain! This is also one of the ingredients of the happy life. I will wear what the hell I want,when I want, so stick it to you young 20 something!!

I wear fun creative outfits. Wear what floats your boat! Funny…I m 47 and this morning when i was walking to go to my office with my 2 bunches and my huge clevage i was thinking mm, i m fat and now middle age lady, should i still wear like that? So, who cares what some twenty-something advises?

If you feel right, and you think you look good, wear it! When you are in the right colours for your skin tone and the above colours have always suited mine then you will find others pay lots of compliments but they may not realise that it is the colour combination that makes you look attractive to them. Ladies — let us enjoy simply being ourselves! AND first pair of Palazza pants…colorful, comfortable, and great looking and they even hide a few bumps….

FUCK anyone who tries to tamp women down; who tells us yet again how wrong and bad we are for being our whole, luscious selves. Which is basically the gist of this article. Thanks for including me in this glorious crowd! Even if my daughters say Mom you are not wearing that!! Oh my gosh, really Mom!! As a woman 32 years young I am now just learning to appreciate my body just the way it is. A woman should wear what she wants no matter what age she is. Life is too short to live in a box of judgements, should nots, better nots, and whatever other NOTS!!

Wear appropriate out fit that flawns you not to trash your look. I just love to see women wear clothes like these women… So cool, so hip, so sexy without showing boobs or ass.

I have seen women like this in subway, streets, bars, museum…etc. I busted butt to lose weight and get healthy. Life is too short for a stereotype to limit us as women!! Boho, leopard, sparkle, etc…. You have to wonder … will the rules suddenly change when this Kallie reaches the grand old age of 30 herself? Having visited both her Facebook profiles she clearly loves herself … but what will happen when she hits the big three zero?

Is she going to need therapy? Will she adhere to her own code of rules? Tune in soon to find out! Michelle Combs wrote that article for HuffPo. Walk to your own beat, set trends, and Be Unique! And yet no leopard print or short dresses in sight still lol! However, I myself am over 30 and I do wear short dresses with the highest heels I can find usually about 5. So I wholeheartedly concur with your ideas of what women over 30 should wear!

The point of this post was to draw inspiration and showcase strong women! Hers are pretty well fitted specifically for her. What a stupid, limited, self hating person that Kallie is. Hope she learns to regret her own thoughts and hope no woman ever listens to garbage she writes!

Not even conservative grandmothers gave me such horrible hateful advice!! Reblogged this on etheljo and commented: I think we all should read this. The only thing a women should not wear is clothing that makes them uncomfortable.

Be happy in your garb, feel like you are wrapping up in beauty. Found this on FB just now…. I wear pretty much whatever the fuck I want but sometimes I worry about people thinking I dress too young. You are absolutely amazing.

This exactly how women should be… as they wish and amazing as they feel! Agree with you completely, although I was looking forward to pictures of short skirts and bikinis in amongst them to defy the message that women over 30 must cover up. Here is Helen Mirren rocking a bikini at 63, for example: Love your take on this controversial topic!

Also your great examples of older women wearing whatever the fuck they want. I wear anything I want or better yet, nothing at all!!! I will always try to be stylish or not. My body, my choice!! You said it best captioned with each image. Pop by for a visit some time — http: Apart from medical records I think after twenty one birthdays should be abolished and birth certificates should be destroyed.

Why is everyone so obsessed with age? Be your own woman. There are only two reasons any women of any age should not wear something: It makes her feel uncomfortable. If she wears it the sun will explode and therefore destroy all life on earth.

All these women wore what they wanted, but they did it with style! I love this post and I love the choices of women here. And yet, your great picture examples didnt show, graphic tees, short skirts, leopard prints or cleavage. The point is pretty clear here: Fabulous pictures of fabulous independent women. One of the best posts l have ever seen. Little somethings need to sit down and take some notes on adulting. Outstanding in every way! And I visited the FB site that Kallie runs: The most recent post shows monkeys at an animal testing facility, that she thinks is hilarious.

It made me SO mad! Just had no clue it would receive this much support. Reblogged this on Alsofine. Time to stand up and take charge of who you are who you want to be. I seriously wish I was in her life when she turns 30 — I would LOVE to see the shocked look on her face when she realizes there is nothing magical about that number. I also really think that someone needs to have a conversation with her about valuing herself as a person. Because she really seems to be lacking that aspect of self.

However, l ignored it. So thank you again for writing my thoughts on the subject so clearly. I wear what I want and still get asked for id when buying alcohol lol. My mother wears what she wants and gets complements all the time. Were what makes you feel good and beautiful. So Kallie can have several seats!

Her opinion is moot! I am 90 now and when it is hot, all I ever wear are muumuus. When we all human beings including women over 30 are comfortable with who we are, love ourselves and express that… we are so irresistibly beautiful. Kallies article was as vacuous and stupid as she is. No reservations as to what I want to wear. If it feels good on me and I like it, I wear it! I know I have an eye and a heart for style! When I was a young Mother I dressed like a Mother for my children and husband.

See Iris on Net Flix. Her legs are better than mine and I told her to rock the hell out of them! I hope to look half that good at her age! If its hot, I may wear shorts, and who cares. Reblogged this on Rachel's Workshop and commented: Blessings to all of us over 30 womem who are confident enough to to wear what makes our hearts smile.

I wear things that make me and my nursing home residents happy…. Some of the above images are in his book. Terrific story, great images, wonderful inspiration. Your film of the same name was also fantastic. Yes, it should be required reading for everyone! I enjoyed the clothes and comments! I agree, agree and agree. I cannot wait to do this with my sister Gail! We need to first determine time and space. Women should wear whatever the fuck they want, within limits.

Wearing the skins of animals is just totally not cool. There is a shadow on the lattice that I took to be some weird hairstyle. Other than that shaking me up, they all look great.

The women all look great. No one needs to tell any of us what to wear. I love clothes, and looking as cool as I can, in whatever I wear — usually jeans and a top, and sandals and favorite jewelry, and appreciate looking at others attired in their particular choices, as well.

I dress to please myself! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I even wear my diamonds in sessions and always have everything match from shoes to accessories.

They asked me why I have to wear jewellery at exercise classes. They said that they also have diamonds but they just leave them at home in their drawers. I just smiled and asked. When are you going to wear them? I told him every item I am privileged to own tells a story about me, my life and those I have loved…..

Yeah, well when she is over 30 I am sure she will be posting photos of her wearing what ever the Fuck she wants too. Narrow minded insipid little tool!

I was working in T. As far back as then, my way of thinking was way removed from the norm. Should have included Betsey Johnson. In neon colors and a tutu. I like skulls, leather, red hair, dark eyeliner and funky lipstick and shoes. I was rocking the dangerous look before whatever her name is was a zygote. And I get hit on by guys as young as my great-niece.

She can suck it. I thank you for this! How stylish are these ladies! There I stood, over 50 at the time and I happen to look 20 years younger — thanks mum, thanks dad , taking it all in. Relieved to find a glimmer of hope in this post. Shared by two of my heros, photographer Deborah Triplett and my awesome old man. Now, I can, and do wear whatever I want.

Never wore make-up, never will. Try to remember to wear sunscreen, but almost always have on a hat of some sort. I wear comfortable, natural fabrics.

Thank you so much, I feel so much better now. I own my life. By the way, I plan to wear my American Eagle Overalls tomorrow! So guess I am going to wear what ever fits…and that just about everything at the point in my life. Hey Phyllis, You are my heroine! You and Jack broke any rules you wanted………. Thanks for making it easier for us timid ones. And my hoop earrings damnit. She had better be under Marilyn, you are amazing! You know what else women over 30 can do? Say whatever the fuck they want!

And from a few million other Indian women. Just wish there was at least one photo of a makeup-free woman in clothes made purely for comfort and no shoes or jewellery.. NIna, I am the women in photo 11, and I wanted to say that my dress may look fancy, but it was stretchy and very comfortable, as are my shoes. Some of us are more comfortable in dresses than in jeans. The good news is.. We have a few who prefer individuality over norms and who know what a blessing it is to be a woman!

Age, colour, shape, social norms, and what have you, notwithstanding!!! The stuff you get at the malls were not made because a bunch of teens decided thats what they want. The fashion industry went to school, got degrees in fashion, marketing, and business, then went out, created those items and marketed them directly at teens.

Funny how the next set of teens thinks they did the same thing when the fashion shifts to something else. Fabulous collection of fabulousER women! Never could get why anyone can tell you what to put on your body! I will continue to wear my s head bands because I look fucking fabulous in them!! N my husband loves it…. My Mum stopped wearing a bikini at 60 because she felt women of her age should not wear a bikini anymore. She looked fabulous in it. So I wear what I want. It takes courage sometimes in this youth-oriented culture.

But we should be proud of the bodies we have lived all our lives to make. In our 60s, 70s, 80s, and onward… we can redefine what is beautiful by finding the Beauty in us that lasts, and splashing it out into the world. My Mum wore a bikini until she turned 60 and only stopped then because she felt women of her age should wear a one piece.

I like my 60 year old body and I like wearing comfortable and cheerful clothing. So pooh to the fashion houses and their silly over priced clothing.

I think some things are in appropriate but if they want to wear it — let them. It is no ones business by our own. I myself — do not long hair especially gray in elderly woman. I read the same article you referred to at the beginning written by someone who has zero fashion background btw, oh, and is probably 30 herself by now. Everyone on these pictures looks great because they wear what they like and stay themselfs. Thats why they all show us personality.

These are even harder to pull on than pull off tbh. Cakes on their head. No one should really. Cakes are for eating. Carrier bags…unless totally chic obviously. Reblogged this on Cristina Taylor Style Council and commented: I just love this post. I find it so hard to conform, and be told what to do by following meaningless advice. Reblogged this on Earth to Olga and commented: Reblogged this on Skönhetsredaktörerna and commented: Normer är till för att brytas! I am almost 70 and wear big bold colorful clothes everyday.

We did fight hard! I love you so much. I am on Facebook as well, under the same name as the blog!! Perhaps ladies could post there! I am almost 62 and love to dress in a casual fashion, ripped and patched denim jeans, or trousers, a shirt plus flat shoes.

I never wear make-up, just moisturiser each day and perfume. Then I am ready to go. My husband was always taken with my natural look, and still is today. That does not mean I or others as individuals have our own style which we find suits us best and is how we have evolved BUT that is not some rule or guideline to dictate what every other woman over some age should wear! For example, if I share an outfit, and others in my age range that resonate with my energy and personality perhaps, like something and take tips on what to wear or make themselves feel more fierce then that is fabulous.

Even magazines can garner an understanding of the age range their content is most geared to and who finds it most relevant to their lives BUT its not a requirement. I actually love seeing amazing older women lately who wear pieces I know they have had for years and years!

Just whatever makes u happy!! Except of course for leopard print. No-one should be allowed to wear a leopard print anything. Give me leopard print or give me death! Reblogged this on polyfeministix and commented: Life and persona is about colouring outside the lines. Contribute, and stand proud. Be a good citizen of the world.

It is especially difficult in this explosive political and social climate. Many of us have major podiatric and orthopedic problems because of those narrow-toed shoes and high heels we wore for years. What an obnoxious human being she must be to be around. In a world of photocopied fashion, how brilliant it is to see women and men wearing clothes that make them joyful, happy, true to themselves, true to that beautiful inner female male.

Women are tired of bring told what to do, embracing my new definition of WTF. I wish I could allow her age to be used as an excuse! Age is definitely no excuse for shitty behavior! Thank YOU, and honestly everyone, for being so immensely supportive! Thank you SO much! Diversity and inclusion are very near and dear to my heart, and I really tried my best to showcase as many beautifully different people as possible!

I only wish I had more than 24 spots! Love this — you are so spot on! You bought yourself a pair of jeans. I have been wearing jeans all my life.

Right On Connie Gall. I too am I feel great and like to be casual most of the time in jeans. I had a grrrreat blouse that I loved and sent back because I listened to my daughter-in-law who said I was too old for it. I am so sorry that I listened! Too bad your daughter-in-law said that. Thank you very much for this wonderful compliation of awesome pictures with awesome Ladies!

Wow, really enjoyed seeing all these different styles. All these women look gorgeous. I particularly like the lady with the iridescent green flower on her coat! THIS is my new favorite article. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for speaking up for all of us!

Need ideas that need a much more thought and imagination than money. If someone is happy with their body, they should cover it however best makes them feel happy! Lets enjoy this wonderful world of fashion! I was wishing that the list would go on and on and not stop at 24, as I loved the examples you picked. I totally agree with you. You are absolutely welcome!

Just making an exclamation… that was a terrific post! Do you ladies from 21 to Because male foreign laborers come without their families, there is an imbalance of males and females in the total population. The foreign workers, mostly from India and Pakistan, cannot obtain citizenship and reside in the country on temporary visas. The official language is Arabic. English, Farsi, and Urdu are widely spoken.

Arabic is closely associated with the Islamic faith; thus, its use reinforces the Islamic identity of the nation and its citizens. The Qatari dialect of Arabic is similar to the version spoken in the other Gulf States and is called Arabic. The adjective khaleeji "of the Gulf" that is used to describe the local dialect also distinguishes citizens of the six Gulf States from north African and Levantine Arabs.

Farsi, the official language of Iran, is also widely spoken by families that trace their descent from that country. As a result of the influx of foreign workers, many other languages are commonly spoken, including English, Urdu and Hindi, Malalayam, and Tagalog.

While many Qataris speak more than one language, it is very rare for immigrants to learn Arabic. Interactions between Arabs and foreign workers are conducted in English or the language of the expatriate. Symbols of national identity include the family, items associated with the nation's past, and images of the ruler.

Images and ideas associated with desert nomadism and maritime trade that are used to evoke Qatar's past include Bedouin tents and carpets, falcons used for hunting, camels, weapons, sailing vessels, and pearls and pearl diving equipment. Traditional architectural features also serve as national symbols, such as the wind towers that cooled Qatar homes before the introduction of electricity and the carved gypsum panels on buildings erected before The date on which Qatar received independence from Great Britain in and the anniversary of the ruler's accession to office are celebrated as national holidays.

The nation's flag, the state seal, and photographs of the rulers are displayed prominently in public places and local publications. Qataris also celebrate Islamic holidays. Emergence of the Nation. In the s, members of the Al-Khalifa of the Utub tribe migrated to Qatar from Kuwait and central Arabia and established a pearling and commercial base in Zubarah in the north. From there the Al-Khalifa expanded their territory by occupying Bahrain, which they have ruled ever since.

The Al-Thai, the current ruling family, established themselves after years of contention with the Al-Khalifa, who still held claims to the Qatar peninsula through most of the nineteenth century. In , Britain recognized Mohammad bin Thani as the representative of the Qatari people. A few years later, Qasim Al-Thani Mohammad's son accepted the title of governor from the Ottoman Turks, who were trying to establish authority in the region.

Qasim Al-Thani's defeat of the Turks in usually is recognized as a confirmation of Qatar's autonomy. That agreement provided for British protection and special rights for British subjects and ensured that Britain would have a say in Qatar's foreign relations.

The increase in state income from oil concessions strengthened the Al-Thani's position. When Britain announced its intention to withdraw from the region, Qatar considered joining a federation with Bahrain and the seven Trucial States. However, agreement could not be reached on the terms of federation, and Qatar adopted a constitution declaring independence in The constitution states that the ruler will always be chosen from the Al-Thani family and will be assisted by a council of ministers and a consultative council.

The consultative council was never elected; instead, there is an advisory council appointed by the ruler. Despite periodic protests against the concentration of power and occasional disputes within the ruling family, the Al-Thani's size, wealth, and policies have maintained a stable regime. Doha, the capital, houses more than 80 percent of the population.

Its parks, promenade, and award-winning waterfront architecture are considered as the centerpiece of Doha. The large-scale land reclamation project undertaken by the government to create those waterfront properties is recognized as a major engineering feat and a symbol of the country's economic and technological advancements.

Smaller villages are spread throughout the desert interior. Village homes often are kept as weekend retreats for urban residents and as links to the tradition of desert nomads. Doha's cityscape represents an attempt to fuse the modern with the traditional. At the start of the building boom in the s, little thought was given to aesthetics; the objective was to build as quickly as possible. As the pace of development slowed, more consideration was given to developing a city that symbolized Qatar's new urban character and global integration.

Designs were solicited that used modern technologies to evoke the nation's past. The main building of the university has cube-shaped towers on the roof. Those towers, with stained glass and geometric gratings, are a modernist rendition of traditional wind towers. The university towers are decorative rather than functional; however, they are highly evocative of Qatar's commitment to the lifestyles of the past while encouraging economic and technological development.

Similar examples are found in government and private buildings. Many building designs incorporate architectural elements resembling desert forts and towers or have distinctively Islamic decorative styles executed in modern materials. Homes also symbolize people's identities.

The homes of Qatari citizens are distinct from the residences of foreign workers. The state provides citizens with interest-free loans to build homes in areas reserved for low-density housing. Foreign workers live in rental units or employer-provided housing and dormitories. Food in Daily Life.

The presence of foreign workers has introduced foods from all over the world. Qatar's cuisine has been influenced by close links to Iran and India and more recently by the arrival of Arabs from North Africa and the Levant as well as Muslim dietary conventions. Muslims generally refrain from eating pork and drinking alcohol, and neither is served publicly.

Foods central to Qatar's cuisine include the many native varieties of dates and seafood. Other foods grown locally or in Iran are considered local delicacies, including sour apples and fresh almonds. The main meal is eaten at midday, with lighter meals in the morning and late evening. However, with more Qataris entering the workforce, it is becoming more common to have family meals in the evenings. The midday meal on Friday, after prayers, is the main gathering of the week for many families.

During the month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, elaborate and festive meals are served at night. Coffee is a central feature of the cuisine. Arabian coffee made of a lightly roasted bean that is sweetened and spiced with cardamon is served in small thimble-shaped cups to guests in homes and offices.

Most households keep a vacuum jug of coffee and sometimes tea ready for visitors. Another beverage, qahwa helw sweet coffee , a vivid orange infusion of saffron, cardamon, and sugar, is served on special occasions and by the elite. In recent years, restaurants and fast-food franchises have opened. Those establishments primarily serve foreign workers. Qataris, especially women, are reluctant to eat in public places; but will use the drive-through and delivery services of restaurants.

Qatari men sometimes socialize and conduct business in restaurants and coffeehouses. The primary axes of social stratification are the nationality and occupation. The practice of hiring foreign workers has created a system in which certain nationalities are concentrated in particular jobs, and salaries differ depending on nationality.

The broadest division is between citizens and foreigners, with subdivisions based on region of origin, genealogy, and cultural practices. Despite this inequality, the atmosphere is one of comfortable and tolerant coresidence. Foreign workers retain their national dress. Their children can attend school with instruction in their native languages. Markets carry a broad range of international foods, music, and films. Foreigners are permitted to practice their religion publicly, and many expatriate religious institutions sponsor community activities and services.

Qataris are internally stratified according to factors such as tribal affiliation, religious sect, and historical links to settlement patterns. For example, Qataris with genealogical links to Arabia are likely to identify with Bedouin cultural values and be adherents of Sunni Islam, whereas Qataris with genealogical links to the northeastern side of the Gulf are Fishing boats off the coast of Qatar.

Seafood is a central part of Qatar's cuisine. Genealogical and geographic subdivisions among citizens correlate with occupational categories. The crafts are viewed as the province of Irani-Qataris, and freed slaves are disproportionately represented in certain professions, such as entertainment and the police force.

Qatari is technically an "Emirate," ruled by an Emir. Since independence the country's rulers have been of one particular family, the Al Thani. The Emir and many of the cabinet of ministers, as well as other high ranking officials are members of the Al Thani family a large patrilineally related kin group and are overwhelmingly male. However, some high level appointments have been made outside of the ruling family. Because of the concentration of power within the Al Thani, divisions or disputes among members of this large kin group will influence political relations.

In , Qatar held open elections for a "municipal council. While a number of women ran for office, none were elected in this first vote. Both women and men turned out to vote for representatives from their residential sectors. The Municipal Council represents local residential sectors to other governmental bodies. After independence, Qatar developed extensive social welfare programs, including free health care, education through university, housing grants, and subsidized utilities.

Improvements in utility services, road networks, sewage treatment, and water desalination have resulted in a better quality of life. In recent years, institutions have been established to support low-income families and disabled individuals through educational and job training programs.

Traveller, writer, hypnotherapist, runner, animal lover

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